Enjoy a challenge

  • Sign up for a run, cycle or walk and get sponsored to help Growing People


Host an event

  • Enjoy some Christmas carol singing with your friends and donate the proceeds to Growing People.
  • Organise a coffee morning, lunch or dinner party in aid of Growing People
  • Hold a plant or produce sale. Use your gardening skills to help others to share the pleasure you enjoy from your plot.
  • Make some more space by selling your unwanted items at a car boot sale and donate the proceeds to Growing People


Invite your work colleagues, your club or school to help

  • Adopt us as your charity of the year
  • Donate the proceeds of an event you are organising.
  • Hold a raffle at one of your meetings to help Growing People
  • Invite one of our speakers to come to tell you about our work


Celebrate a loved one or a special occasion

  • Ask people to donate to Growing People instead of giving you a present on your special birthday or celebration
  • Donate to Growing People instead of giving funeral flowers. Your gift will celebrate the life of a loved-one or special friend and let their love of gardening live on through Growing People


Leave a legacy

  • Make plans for leaving a gift to Growing People in your will and help us to help others reclaim the quality of their lives and have a brighter future


If you'd like to try at any of the above please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we’d love to hear from you.

People doing a sponsored walk A plant sale A raffle ticket